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I have lacerations on the side of my calves, right above my ankle. The ankle is a bit swollen. The skin surrounding the lacerations is raised and red, making the lacerations more visible. I clean it with water, wipe it dry. I apply neosporin on.

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I went to have my 6 month ultrasound after having both legs treated with endovenous laser ablation. According to my doctor, there is still trapped blood below my right knee. He assumes it will find a way out eventually. Is this true? Also, my right leg is numb. He says that this may be permanent. Will the feeling ever come back?.

Migraine headaches. Underactive thyroid. Raynaud’s syndrome, which causes artery spasms that reduce blood flow to the hands. Animal or insect bites. Certain medications. Lack of vitamin.

Heart attack. During a heart attack, a coronary artery becomes blocked. This blockage leads to a lack of blood flow, which can cause left arm numbness. A heart attack often also causes pain or pressure in your chest, neck, arm, face or back. Other symptoms of a heart attack include shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea.

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There are a number of different reasons why you may get numbness or tingling on the right or left side of your body. It may be a sign of irritation to a nerve (known as a pinched nerve, or nerve compression) or an infection of a nerve and the skin around it.

Crank arm cap TL-FC35 TL-FC35 8 mm Allen key Left-side crank arm Removal 1 Turn the TL-FC35 clockwise to remove the crank arm cap. Note: The crank arm cap and the TL-FC35 screw have a left-hand thread [reverse thread]. This is to prevent the crank arm from turning also when removing the crank arm fixing bolt. 【今だけ58%OFF!】伊達. Other causes of asymmetric clavicle include a congenital deformation or a traumatic injury. While asymmetric clavicles aren’t a cause of cancer, they can be indicative of a broader issue. The right ear may be larger than the left or smaller than the left. A symmetric right ear is a sign of an asymmetrical clavicle..